Over 60 talented students were involved in this year's College Production of Grease.  The College put on two spectacular nights that left the audience singing and dancing in their seats. The Grease cast and set design really brought the world of Grease alive. Every aspect from the songs to the costumes even to the bright pink wig were memorable and entertaining. The hard work of the staff and students was obvious.

Among the talented on stage, we had students in charge of backstage, lighting and sound. An enormous amount of effort and work goes into putting on a big College production, we are proud of the commitment and dedication everyone devoted to this production.

Both performances were loved by all who attended so well done and congratulations to the 2018 Grease cast, crew and staff, another terrific production.

Audience Reviews

"I was blown away and I am coming back to see it Friday with family"                     

"I didn't stop smiling throughout the show."

"It was brilliant! Thank you for all your hard work.... it's greatly appreciated"            

"How good was the music… no boring bits even during the set change"

"Absolutely loved it!! Can't wait for the next one"                       


Michael Hart - Danny Zuko

Clarissa Pugosa - Sandy Dumbrowski

Lilian Tran - Marty

Ruby Short - Betty Rizzo

Janice Stevens - Frenchy

Hannah Scanlon - Jan

Sam Bari-Ari - Kenickie

Josie Simmonds-Lacey - Roger

Clarenz Genete - Sonny LaTierri

Chris Mariotti - Doody

Tallinn Kroeger - Patty Simcox

Christine Sinon - Cha-Cha Digregorio

Mia Cook - Eugene Florczrk

Cooper Matthews - Vince Fontaine

Briahna Ingram - Johnny Casino

Eden Bishop - Miss Lynch and Teen Angel

Chorus - Aisha Hicks, Nan-Dewi Aye, and Casey-Lee Crawford

Chorus - Gabbi Bishop and Emma Pearce


Aqeel Abdul Hanif

Titian Bedford

Ryan Bektic

Tyler Deakin-Thomas

Justin Lim

Conner Lowdon

Jett Mance

Caitlin Power

Samantha Tappenden

Trevor Tran

Hayley Watkins

Casey Grigson - Light Desk

Alex York - Light Desk

Oliver Lynch - Sound Desk



Declan Lu - Drum Set and Percussion

Evan McKay - Electric Guitar

Renata Riquelme - Alto Saxophone

Angus Sobey - Bass Guitar

Leah Trenaman - Tenor Saxophone


Many thanks to graduates

Brandon Preap - Keyboard

Andre Pugosa - Electric Guitar


Alexandra Adams

Heidi Allen

Caitlyn Annesley

Lorne Ballantyne

Phoebe Batchelor

Ella Bryan

Hannah Coles

Heather Cousemacker

Pia Daniele

Maia Hawira

Oliver Herman

Musu Kanneh

Amelie Koch

Georgina Lee

Katie Leonard

Kayla Maffei

Lisa Mahendra

Ahsia Markowski

Jenna McGougan-Shaw

Ella Najjar

Kaytlin Nelson

Tristan Nelson

Deborah Okoro

Gabriella Palumbo

Mikayla Petrusich

Charlotte Poh

Carla Pop

Christian Andrei Ranola

Ella Rashleigh

Mansha Taneja


Coby McQuiggin

Danielle Morache

Mayuka Juber

Phil Chadwick

Megan Yates

Stephanie Thyer

Thank you to Guy Roberts and Gail Bailey for their work on the set design with the help of Sokaina Alamri, Samantha Alejandrino and the drama club.

Thank you to prac teacher Samara Seben for volunteering your time and supporting the students throughout the musical.