Anticipated Excursion Costs

As required under the Education Act 1999, the following is a list of anticipated excursions.

Please Note:

  • That timings and venues are subject to change. You will be advised of exact venues and costings closer to the time.
  • That these costs are the maximum that can be charged. In reality the actual cost is likely to be less than the maximum listed.
  • Some of these excursions and camps may not be offered this year.

During the year, it often happens that unscheduled opportunities for excursions and in school activities arise. Your child will be given the opportunity to participate in these at that time, and you should set aside some funding for these opportunities.

The costs of these excursions are over and above the Charges and Contributions costs. Excursions where the cost is included as part of the Charges and Contributions or sourced from other funds (eg Bush Ranger Program) are not listed on the spreadsheet.

Anticipated Excursion Costs