College Board

The College Board is effective and members present a true cross section of the community and provide appropriate knowledge and experience to guide the College in its endeavours.

The College Board comprises a number of members including parents, former students, teachers and community and business leaders, who each have expertise, qualification or experience appropriate to the needs of the College.

Board Members


Dr Megan Lloyd - 2012 to current (Chair 2016 to current)

Dr Lloyd has been employed as a research scientist at the University of Western Australia for more than 20 years. She has previously worked in clinical laboratories and is currently working on projects to improve the health of extremely preterm babies at King Edward Memorial Hospital. Recently, she has been employed as a microbiology lecturer at Edith Cowan University.

Megan is a product of public education herself (educated at Mildura High School in Northern Victoria) and believes that high quality, relevant education should be available for everyone. Megan is delighted to be able to contribute to John Forrest Secondary College as the current chair of the College Board and is excited to work with the leadership team to plan for future improvements to the college.

"The educational and vocational opportunities available to John Forrest Secondary College students are fantastic. The college is focused on helping students to find their own way in the world, to produce individuals that will contribute positively throughout their lives. It is a real privilege to be involved with John Forrest Secondary College."

  • Ms Lisa Baker, MLA - 2012 to current.
  • Dr Bronwyn Harman- 2011 to current. (Chair 2011 to 2015)
  • Mr Ian Robertson - 2013 to current.
  • Mr Matthew Scanlon - 2016 to current.
  • Mr Siva Subramaniam - 2011 to current
  • Mr Murray Thomas - CEO MPA Skills - 2011 to current.
  • Mrs Keira van der Wal - 2014 to current.
  • Mr Mark Wirtz - 2016 to current.
  • Mr Robert Bayliss - 2011 to current.
  • Ms Amanda Vale - 2017 to current.