Students Online - Acceptable Usage Policy

Students who use the online services of the Department of Education must agree to the following rules:

  • Students will not reveal personal information, including names, addresses, photographs, credit card details and telephone numbers of themselves or others.
  • Students will not give anyone their password.
  • Students will not let others use their online services account unless it is with the teacher's permission.
  • Students will not access other people's online services accounts.
  • Students understand that they are responsible for all activity in their online services account.
  • Students will tell their teacher if they think someone has interfered with or is using their online services account.
  • Students understand that the college and the Department of Education may monitor any information sent or received and can trace activity to the online services accounts of specific users.
  • If students find any information that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable they will tell a teacher about it. Examples of inappropriate content include violent, racist, sexist, or pornographic materials, or content that is offensive, disturbing or intimidating or that encourages dangerous or illegal activity.
  • Students will not attempt to access inappropriate material online or try to access Internet sites that have been blocked by the college or the Department of Education.
  • Students will not use or distribute material from another source unless authorised to do so by the copyright owner.
  • Students will make sure that any email that they send or any work that they wish to have published is polite, carefully written and well presented.
  • Students will follow the instructions of teachers and only use online services for purposes which support their learning and educational research.
  • Students will be courteous and use appropriate language in all Internet communications.
  • Students will not use the Department's online services for personal gain or illegal activity, to bully, offend or intimidate others or send inappropriate materials including software that may damage computers, data or networks.
  • Students will not damage or disable the computers, computer systems or computer networks of the college, the Department of Education or any other organisation.

Students understand that:

  • They will be held responsible for their actions while using online services and for any breaches caused by allowing any other person to use their online services account.
  • The misuse of online services may result in the withdrawal of access to services and other consequences dictated in college's policy; and they may be held legally liable for offences committed using online services.