Mobile Phones Policy

Students are permitted to bring mobile phones to school. The college is committed to ensuring that classrooms are safe and productive learning environments and that students feel safe during non-contact time. In order to ensure this, the following applies:

Years 7-10

Students are not to use mobile phones during the school day, which is considered to be from the first bell in the morning to the end of the final period. Mobile phones are to be turned off and out of sight during the school day. Should students need to contact someone via their mobile phone, they are to go to the Front Office or Student Services during recess or lunchtime ONLY. There, they can request permission from a staff member to use their phone. For curriculum purposes students may be given teacher permission to use a portable music player or mobile phone in class.

Years 11-12

Students are permitted to use their mobile phones in a responsible manner in the Senior School Quad before school, during recess and lunch ONLY. They are not permitted to use them in class unless they have the express permission of their teacher. Mobile phones are to be turned off and out of sight during class. Students must adhere to college expectations in regards to the communication they engage with on their phones.

All Students

The use of mobile phones to film or photograph people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and is not permitted. It is college policy that students be suspended if found to be involved in recording, distributing or uploading images or videos of students, parents, staff or any member of the general public on college premises or on excursions.

Students who contravene the Mobile Phone Policy will be dealt with in accordance to the college's Behaviour Management Policy, which includes the confiscation of phones. Any confiscated phone will be kept securely until returned to either the student at the end of the day or to a parent/carer. Refusal to hand over a mobile phone when requested to is considered a significant breach of discipline and will be dealt with according to college behaviour management guidelines.

The college cannot take responsibility for any mobile phone brought onto the grounds and this is done so at the risk of the student.