Bush Ranger WA

We recognise that learning beyond the classroom is just as important as formal classroom study. That's why we offer the Department of Environment & Conservation Bush Rangers WA Program.

Students participate in personal development training that provides practical life skills, develops leadership, teamwork and initiative skills, and fosters qualities of community responsibility and service.

Uniforms are provided free.

Students participate in a number of conservation-based projects within the College and in the nearby community.

Bush Rangers have:

  • Grown food for zoo animals
  • Raised money for endangered species
  • Planted reeds along waterways
  • Rehabilitated farmland
  • Planted vegetation for animal enclosures at Kanyana Wildlife Centre
  • Instigated recycling programs at the College and collected environmental data on water, soil and air for a number of worldwide internet-based programs.

As Bush Ranger students will:

  • Contribute to nature conservation through a variety of exciting hands-on projects.
  • Develop first aid, bush craft, survival and navigation skills.
  • Learn about managing parks, State Forest and other special places.
  • Help save threatened plant and animal species and their habitats.
  • Develop personal leadership and interpersonal skills, including participation in drill and parades.
  • Learn about complex issues of land and environmental management.
  • Participate in camps and excursions paid by unit funds.

The program runs from 3.05 to 5.00pm after school once a week.

Bush Ranger WA