School Volunteer Program

The School Volunteer Program Incorporated (SVP) demonstrates that communities are 'making a difference' to the lives of students throughout Western Australia. The program currently recruits, screens, trains and supports volunteers as mentors in primary and secondary schools.

Students are identified by the College to potentially benefit from mentoring. The volunteer mentors assist students in school on a one-on-one basis by encouraging and guiding them to achieve their full potential. Mentoring can increase self-esteem, confidence and develop improved life skills. SVP brings together students who may benefit from a one-on-one mentor relationship and community minded people who aim to encourage and guide students.

Volunteer mentors are dedicated men and women, reaching across generations, patiently encouraging students to try a little harder, and provide support to negotiate life's challenges.

Volunteers at John Forrest Secondary College participate in a variety of capacities. They involve themselves in our canteen, library and classrooms. They mentor and tutor, as well as participate in College programs. They are an integral part of our College community and their contributions are highly appreciated.

"I am currently in my second year as a volunteer at John Forrest Secondary College and I have found the experience to be extremely rewarding. I enjoy working with the students and playing a small part in assisting them to reach their educational potential. The staff and students are very welcoming and the School Volunteer Program is a very satisfying way of contributing an hour or two per week to the local school community."
Ann, Volunteer

. . .

"Being the Chaplain at John Forrest Secondary College and organising the Breakfast Club I am able to see the great benefit of having volunteers in our College. Every Wednesday we have four volunteers come into the College and help with our Breakfast Club program that helps give breakfast to approximately 150 students. The volunteers prepare, serve and clean up each week, interact with students and make the breakfast program what it is today. I could not do this on my own; they play such an important role. I am so thankful and grateful to our volunteers that help out in our Breakfast Club program. Several of our volunteers have been helping in the program for three years."
Phillip Glossop, College Chaplain

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"The School Volunteer Program is pleased to have John Forrest Secondary College as a member of The School Volunteer Program (SVP). John Forrest Secondary College has been a very committed, consistent and exemplary example of a member school. John Forrest Secondary College has been dedicated to promoting student outcomes through harnessing devoted and caring community mentors who have provided both mentoring and volunteer support. John Forrest Secondary College has been a member of SVP for over eleven years and during this time has utilised the skills and experiences of many community volunteers to achieve positive student outcomes. John Forrest Secondary College very much contributes to the achievement of SVP's vision of: An engaged Community Helping Young People to Succeed."
Craig Stewart, Chief Executive Officer of The School Volunteer Program