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Isabella Huynh – Public Sector School Based Trainee – Certificate II in Government with the Department of Premier and Cabinet

At the beginning of 2018, Year 11 student, Isabella Huynh, began a school based traineeship with the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Here's what she had to say about her experience so far:

"My name is Isabella Huynh and I am in Year 11. Last year, I applied for a traineeship at the Department of Premier and Cabinet and was fortunate enough to be accepted. I started at the beginning of this year in February and will be continuing with this traineeship until the end of next year. I am currently completing a rotation program where I get the opportunity to work across the different areas and levels of the Department of Premier and Cabinet building; this will include Human Resources, Indian Ocean Territories and administrative work.

I applied for this traineeship because it was a rare opportunity where I could get a head start on my own future and career pathway. The program will give me more options than a regular student after school for a future job; because of all the skills and expertise I've learnt throughout the traineeship. I'm hoping to get employed at the Department of Premier and Cabinet or a government job at the conclusion of my traineeship. By displaying my determination and hard work I hope they will offer me a position to work for them.

My favourite parts of the traineeship are the satisfaction of completing all my given tasks before the day finishes. My supervisor gives me some of her own tasks to help complete and experience and they're typically all different things so I am able to learn new things every day. I would whole-heartedly recommend the program to who has a strong work ethic, enthusiasm and determination to get experience and skills from the traineeship. All of the students accepted are extremely hard working and are very good at what they do. You're competing with them to be better and be noticed more to have a higher opportunity to be chosen for future employment."

Year 10 Work Experience - Week 7, Term 2 11 June 2018 – 15 June 2018

At John Forrest Secondary College, all Year 10 students will undertake a one week block of work experience as a component of the Work Studies program.  The placement will commence on Monday 11 June 2018 and conclude on Friday 15 June 2018.  During this time, students will develop valuable employability skills and consider choices for their career pathways. As part of the Career Development Program, students are required to locate their own placements.

Students have already secured their placements at very exciting work sites, including:

  • Mercy Physiotherapy
  • MDS Legal
  • Tokyo Underground
  • West Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Royal Perth Hospital
  • Andreotta Developments
  • CGC Engineering
  • Scitech