Respect Each Other Program

Our Respect Each Other program is designed to develop and embrace a positive and supportive culture throughout the entire College community.

Positive social behaviour is taught, reinforced and modelled throughout the College community.

We believe that every person at John Forrest can and should contribute to our positive College environment.

Both students and parents are educated on how to deal with bullying behaviour and the College does not tolerate this behaviour in any form. A Managing Student Behaviour policy is enforced and aims to see students and teachers working together to create a positive learning environment.

When conflict or inappropriate behaviour occurs, the following steps may be taken:

  1. Discussion and counselling.
  2. Warning and parent contact.
  3. Writing of behaviour report and referral to head of learning area - contract established
    parent contact).
  4. If inappropriate behaviour persists, the head of learning area may refer the student to a deputy principal who may use time out (in school suspension) or suspension as a
    consequence. Parent contact is made.
  5. On return to class, student behaviour is monitored.

Severe breaches of behaviour may result in suspension in the first instance.