Our Parents

We foster the vital partnership between home and the College and we are grateful for the ongoing support we receive from our College community.

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the education of their children and the College has a number of mechanisms in place to support this.

Parents are welcome to speak with our teaching and support staff about their concerns for the academic and social development of their children.

Parents make a significant contribution to providing a positive, safe and caring learning environment by becoming actively involved in our Respect Each Other program. Parents are educated about dealing with bullying behaviour and encouraged to communicate with their children and staff.

Cricket Academy Parents

Cricket Academy Parents (CAPs) is a parent body committee that manages and facilitates fundraising events for the John Forest Secondary College Cricket Academy.

Money raised helps to subsidise and assist with annual camps as well as intrastate and international travel. The acquisition and maintenance of training and game equipment assets, such as bowling machines and sight screens is also supported.

These initiatives help to keep voluntary contributions and charges to a minimum and provide our children with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

An annual membership fee allows for the running of CAPs and is a valuable contribution to the projects and initiatives supported by the committee.

Parents can also help by providing a trade or service that may save the Academy money or if called on, help out with a busy bee one weekend.

Alternatively, parents are welcome to join the committee and assist even further.

P & C

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the education of their child.

Our Parents and Citizens Association ( P & C) meets in the Library at 7.00 pm in Week 5 of each term.

All parents are encouraged to attend meetings in order to become familiar with the College and for the benefit of our students.

If you would like to become actively involved in the education of your child, please contact the College on (08) 9473 4000 and ask about our P & C.

Current P & C Committee Members

President Helen Bolin
Vice President TBA
Treasurer Glenn Cook
Vice Treasurer Vacant
Secretary David Walden
College Board P&C Rep / Uniform Committee Ian Robertson
CAPS Representative Jenny McFarlane