Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers will hopefully supply you with much of the information you require as you look at enrolling a student at John Forrest Secondary College. If you have any further questions, please contact the College on 9473 4000.

When will Enrolment Forms be available for next year's Year 7?

Generally speaking Application for Admission Forms are available in the second half of Term 1. They will be distributed to primary schools in our local intake area, on the College website or collect from the Front Office.

Can we download a copy of the Enrolment Form?

Yes, copies of the Application for Admission Form are available for download.  They can be found on our College website under 'Enrol, Application for Enrolment'.

When are the Enrolment Forms due in?

Generally speaking Application for Admission Forms will be due by the first week of Term 3 (mid to late July). All applicants will be contacted during the second half of Term 3, with successful applicants being issued with an Enrolment Package. Enrolment Packages need to be returned within two weeks.

If I am in a local primary school, do I automatically get in?

Eligibility for enrolment is based on where you live rather than which primary school you went to. Details of the Local Area Intake Boundary, the Priorities for Enrolment and a copy of the Local Area Intake Boundary Map are available here.

Is my house within the school intake boundary?

John Forrest Secondary College has been declared as a local intake school. The local intake boundary is gazetted by the State Government. Details of the Local Area Intake Boundary, the Priorities for Enrolment and a copy of the Local Area Intake Boundary Map are available here.

If my brother or sister is already here, do I get in as well?

Due to demand from within the intake area sibling enrolments cannot be guaranteed. Students who live outside the local intake area, and who have siblings currently enrolled at the school (but not those siblings who gained their enrolment through a specialist program) can be offered an enrolment subject to capacity. A sibling who completes Year 12 before the student starts Year 7 is not included. If the places available is less than the number of applicants in this section, the places will be allocated on a nearest the school basis. Details of the Local Area Intake Boundary, the Priorities for Enrolment and a copy of the Local Area Intake Boundary Map are available here.

What documentation do I need to provide when we enrol?

The following original documents must be presented with your Application for Admission Form.  The enrolment application cannot be processed until originals of all documentation requested have been sighted and copies attached to the application.

  • Completed Application for Enrolment form
  • Full Birth Certificate of the child being enrolled or Passport and VISA if the child was born overseas
  • Medicare Card
  • AIR Immunisation History Statement, available from Medicare via your MyGov website, Medicare Express Plus app, visiting Medicare or Centrelink or calling 1800 653 809
  • Family Court documents regarding custody arrangements
  • Proof of ownership of the property (eg. rates notice) or a copy of the current rental agreement (minimum 12 months)
  • THREE further pieces of evidence to confirm their residency at the address provided on the Application for Enrolment.   These documents must be current for the date of commencement at the College. These may include:
    • Utility bill showing usage
    • Internet connection account and details
    • Contents insurance
    • Electoral Roll information/changes
    • Official correspondence from a government department, such as Medicare, Taxation Office, Centrelink or Department of Human Services
  • Evidence of the most recent academic achievement from previous school, i.e. either Interim, Semester 1 or Semester 2 Reports

What Languages are offered?

The College currently offers both Italian and Japanese languages to students.  There may also be an opportunity for students to participate in an exchange program with the College's Sister School Koshigaya Senior High School in Japan.

What pastoral care programs are run?

Our Student Services Team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who attend to the ongoing needs of our students.  All are actively involved in each student's welfare and committed to ensuring a caring and supportive learning environment for all students.  Under the leadership of the Student Services Manager the team includes:

  • Chaplain
  • Form Teachers
  • Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Senior School Academic Coordinator
  • Year Coordinators
  • Student Support Officer

How do I notify the College if my child will be absent?

Parents are encouraged to notify the school early on the day of the absence via the absentee form, email, phone call (9473 4000) or text (0407 199 574).  Students are required to provide a note from a parent or guardian explaining any absence.  Parents or guardians will be notified of unexplained absences via SMS.  More information about absences can be found on the College website on in the Student Planners.