What to do when you….

… Are absent from school:

  • Students are required to provide a note from a parent or guardian explaining any absence.
  • Parents are encouraged to notify the school early on the day of the absence via email,  phone call (9473 4000) or text (0407 199 574).
  • Parents or guardians will be notified or unexplained absences via SMS.

… Are late arriving to school

  • If you arriving during form time, report directly to your form class.
  • If you arrive after 8.50am you must have an explanatory note from a parent or guardian. Report to Front Office Student Desk where you will sign the late book and a late pass will be issued.
  • The late pass must be presented to your teacher when you enter your first class attended.

… Need to leave early

  • You must have a note form a parent or guardian stating the time and reason for early departure.
  • At the assigned time report to Front Office Student Desk where you will be issued a leave pass.
  • Students are not to leave school grounds without parent permission.

… Are feeling unwell

  • During break time report directly to the Front Office Student Desk. The above processes apply.
  • During class time (including between classes), notify your teacher who will sign your "Out of Class Permission" form. This will be at the teacher's discretion; it is encouraged that students remain in class unless an emergency.  Report to the Health Centre or Front Office Student Desk where an assessment of your health will be made.  Parents may be contacted if required.

… Have lost property

  • A lost property box is located in Student Services (upstairs). Ensure your name is on all uniform items.
  • The College takes no responsibility for replacing lost or stolen items. Valuables should not be left unattended in school bags.
  • Report lost or stolen items to the relevant class teacher immediately.

... Are travelling to and from school


  • Once on school grounds, get off your bicycle and wheel it to the bike racks.
  • Bike racks are provided for student use.
  • Students must secure their bicycle and helmet with a suitable lock.


  • Senior students may drive a vehicle to the College and park it in the designated students parking bays (near the cottage). A map is available here.
  • Student vehicles need to be registered using the Vehicle Permission Form, available from here.


  • Time your bus travel to arrive at the College prior to 8.30am.