Year 7s Commencing High School

Year 7s have been moving to high school since 2015.  John Forrest is a warm, inviting environment and our students enjoy a rigorous and engaging curriculum.

Research has shown that in WA private schools and five other states of Australia, where Year 7s have attended high school for some years, the students thrive. It must be remembered that Year 7s are on average more than six months older than when you, their parents, were in the same year at school.


At John Forrest Secondary College the move into high school will give students access to the specialist facilities and teachers needed to succeed with the new Australian Curriculum. These facilities will include modern science, media, arts, woodwork, metalwork and sporting facilities.

Each Year 7 student will have a form teacher for the first session of each day. Students' form teacher will also be one of their subject teachers. This means your child will effectively have contact with their form teacher for one hour each day - providing a level of continuity and allowing an early bond to form with this dedicated teacher.

At John Forrest Year 7 students will undertake a high school timetable with four sessions (four hours) a week of Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities and Social Sciences. They will then typically study a language, Health & Physical Education and an elective from Technology & Enterprise or The Arts. A curriculum will also be delivered in the form class sessions, centred on study skills, transition support and student wellbeing. Our specialist programs, Cricket, Netball, Tennis and Music, will be studied as part of timetabled classes.

A dedicated Year 7 Deputy Principal and Year Coordinator will assist with transition and will closely liaise with the Year 7 teachers in addition to providing a point of contact for parents.

Transition Program

Over the last few years John Forrest Secondary College have had local primary students attend specialist classes on site. These students quickly become accustomed to high school and specialist lessons. They have found the classes and the environment to be stimulating, fun and educationally rewarding.

There is a dedicated transition program for Year 7s coming to John Forrest Secondary College. This includes:

  • Parent and student information nights.
  • Orientation day in the final weeks or Term 4 year 6.
  • An induction program with an altered timetable in Term 1.
  • Student Services staff will coordinate lunchtime activities to get students together, allowing relaxation between classes.
  • Orientation week in Term 1 with lots of fun activities and "getting to know you" exercises will further assist with the transition.

Our high school is bigger than your child's primary school, with approximately 1150 students (including the Year 7 cohort).  Although Year 7s are integrated within the College so they can access specialist classrooms and facilities, they will also have a dedicated area for lunch and recess. This will include dedicated handball and basketball facilities, as well as a beautiful garden area in which to relax.

Students at John Forrest Secondary College come from across most of the north-east corridor as well as overseas. If your child does not know anyone or is apprehensive, the College is used to dealing with these uncertainties and will be able to assist them to make friends with students who are in a similar situation to themselves.