College Business Plan

The Business Plan 2022-2024 will set the scene for a future focussed John Forrest as we progress through a once in a lifetime opportunity of a significant upgrade to our facilities enabling us to build on our current successes in pursuing a 21st Century school learning and teaching environment.

The new facilities being enjoyed at our centres for the Arts, Technology and Sports add enormous value to the opportunities for our students. Our new Library, Student Services and Career Resource Centre upgrades are due for opening in early 2024 and will further enhance the delivery of high quality service for our students.

In looking to the future, our focus for the duration of this plan will be broadly located under the themes of Learning and Community aligned to our purpose statements. We will continue to develop John Forrest's reputation as an inspiring community in which students are provided with extensive opportunities to achieve their goals and their dreams.

We will lead and govern to ensure that our community achieves the vision, purpose and values articulated in this plan. We are excited for the future for all our students as the next phase of the John Forrest journey begins.

To learn more about the future plans for John Forrest Secondary College please download our current 2022-2024 Business Plan.

College Annual Report

The Annual Report provides the community with information about the College's performance.

All schools are required to produce an Annual Report that communicates the standards achieved and the school's effectiveness in reaching its objectives and goals.

The Annual Report outlines:

  • School vision, mission and values.
  • Highlights of the year.
  • Student academic achievement.
  • Strategies for improvement.
  • Perception and satisfaction survey results.
  • Enrolment trends.
  • Finance report

Download a copy of our latest Annual School Report (2022 Edition).