John Forrest Secondary College

Telephone: (08) 9473 4000
Accounts and Billing Enquiries:
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Address: 180 Drake Street, Morley, WA 6062

Student Absence

Send us a message via email or use our Absentee Form to tell us if your child is away from school.

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-31.9041635, 115.90089

Learning Area Contact Details

Leadership Team  
Denise Robinson - Principal 9473 4000
Melanie English - Deputy Principal (Year 7 and 8)
9473 4000
Sandy Olney Thurstun - Deputy Principal (Year 9 and 10)
9473 4000
Angela Trees - Deputy Principal (Senior School) 9473 4000
Angela Knight - Deputy Principal 9473 4000
Alicia Denman - Manager Corporate Services
9473 4016
Kane Jericho - Student Services Manager 9473 4000
College Canteen 9473 4053
Student Services Team
Year 7 Coordinator 9473 4034
Year 8 Coordinator 9473 4043
Year 9 Coordinator 9473 4036
Year 10 Coordinator 9473 4028
Year 11 Coordinator 9473 4020
Year 12 Coordinator 9473 4034
Senior School Academic Coordinator 9473 4002
Lower School Academic Coordinator 9473 4043
Literacy Coordinator 9473 4020
College Psychologist 9473 4000
College Chaplain 9473 4007
Career and Vocational Education Program Coordinator 9473 4050
Absentee Office 9473 4031
Absentee Email:
Teaching Staff  
Diane Bunten - Head of English
Lydia Davis
Joseph George
Shani Herbert
Tara Jackson
Kristian Lie
Karla Light
Rhona McGill
Anita McPhee
Karina Parrish
Stacey Wallenborn
Health and Physical Education  
Justin Burt - Head of Health and Physical Education
John Campbell
Sam Davis
Mark Faletti
Shelley Ganzer
Jason McGlew
Emma Moscarda
Diane Papas
Humanities and Social Sciences  
Alex Plimmer - Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Julie Crozier
Alberto Ghergori
Catherine Lucas
Colleen Michel
Helen Murray
Phoebe Whittington
Mardhiati Williams
Robert Bayliss - Head of Mathematics
Anne Andrews
Laurie Burn
Rod Clarke
Amy Daley
Alexis Goff
Sharon Haslinger
Basil Hendroff
Vesna Ivanovic
Simon Kirkby
Veronica Van Den Bogert
Mandy Vale - Head of Science
Kabir Bhagat
Alistair Cummings
Aaron Davies
Fayth Good
Christine Hanson
Stephen Iaschi
David Morey
Luke Taaffe
Sandy Tu
Robert Woodward
Steve Angell - Head of Technologies
Brodie Boswood
Kelly Drake
Nicholas Jones
Suzanne Martinelli
Salwana Muhamad Radzi
Roy Pendragon
Sandra Semeniuk
Salvatore Vinciullo
Lindsay Wood
The Arts and Languages
Phil Chadwick - Head of the Arts and Languages
Valeria Antonuccio
Gail Bailey
Amber Jantjies
Eric Larson
Courtney Podmore
Julia Quinn
Guy Roberts
Megan Yates
Laihcey O'Brien
Jacob Sands
Leah Thomas
Senior School and Career and Vocational Education
Surajeev Santhirasegaram - Head of CAVE
Sue Martin
Tracey Walsh
Academic Coordinators
Helen Watson
Alberto Ghergori
North Metropolitan Regional Education Office 9285 3600