Student Prefects

Student achievement is recognised and every year Senior School students are elected to leadership positions within the College.

We are proud to announce the following leaders for 2019:



Head Prefect Clarese Bandalan
Head Prefect Tamsyn Wirtz
Deputy Head Prefect Mia Cook
Deputy Head Prefect Pubudu Ediriweera
Year 12 Prefects Clarese Bandalan
Milicia Brankovic
Mia Cook
Pubudu Ediriweera
Samin Ghasamy Babakandy
Marta Mrasic
Jack Trotter
Tamsyn Wirtz
Year 11 Prefects Davon Chapman
Deacon French
Aisha Hicks
Marcus Inu
Hayley Viska
Stephanie Willey
Year 10 Prefects Shubh Bhardwaj
Gwyneth Chai
Edith Ketterer
Charlotte Poh
Year 9 Prefects Bea Alejandre
Riley Mollett
Emma Pearce
Rama Sugiartha
Year 8 Prefects Charli Brice
Jaylen Derrik
Hannah Griffiths
Emma Triantopoulos
Year 7 Prefects Oliver Brandes De Roos
Anique McCance
Lanah Santos
Mik Stankoski

Upper School Prefects

Lower School Prefects

Year 7 Prefects