Student Leadership

Student achievement is recognised and every year Senior School students are elected to leadership positions within the College.

We are proud to announce the following leaders for 2024:

2024 Student Prefects



Head Prefects

Meg Ireland

Kate Smith

Deputy Head Prefects

Fatema Alfallahi

Third Balaguer

Year 12 Prefects

Oliver Brandes de Roos

Thomas Holt

Om Kadam

Henry Watkins

Year 11 Prefects

Andrew Ho

Kai Kabugua

Olivia Paull

Mollie Pearce

Maddi Ponton

Garry Singh

Mirah Sugiartha

Year 10 Prefects To be announced shortly
Year 9 Prefects To be announced shortly
Year 8 Prefects To be announced shortly

2024 House and Sports Captains

2024 House Captains

Balyoonar Elizabeth Lopez
Elexis Webb
Bilya Aliyah Farr
Lily Millman
Boodja Veronica Keen
Xavier Howse
Ngangk William Ho
Rohit Balachandar

2024 House Vice-Captains

Balyoonar Kaleirah Du-Pont
Nana Sarpong
Bilya Abby Howes
Hunter Wills
Boodja Maddelin Ponton
Nasir Dawar
Ngangk Seth Alacs
Kai Kabugua

2024 Sports Captains

Cricket Oliver Brandes de Roos
Netball Hannah Barry
Tennis Ethan Grubba
Swimming Hope Pecchini
Athletics Rylan Reid