Student Prefects

Student achievement is recognised and every Year Senior School students are elected to leadership positions within the College.

We are proud to announce the following leaders for 2018:

Position Name
Head Prefect Michael Hart
Head Prefect Lilian Tran
Deputy Head Prefect Ivan De Leon
Deputy Head Prefect Janice Stevens
Year 12 Prefects

Ivan De Leon
Michael Hart
Namphuong Nguyen
Clarissa Bless Pugosa
Hannah Scanlon
Nikita Stankoski
Janice Stevens
Lilian Tran

Year 11 Prefects

Milica Brankovic
Mia Cook
Paxton Cook
Mason Philp
Tamsyn Wirtz
Janan Yap

Year 10 Prefects

Davon Chapman
Savannah Matthews
Elise McGrath
Hayley Viska

Year 9 Prefects

Gabrielle Bishop
Max Lyashenko
Gwyneth Chai
Carla Pop

Year 8 Prefects

Bea Alejandre
Molly Huang
Emma Pearce
Rama Sugiartha