Student Support

We are committed to the personal and academic care of our students.

We aim to develop the social, emotional and academic intelligence of our students so that they may achieve their individual goals.

We care for the personal development of all of our students and employ a Student Services Team of highly skilled professionals. Qualified staff, specialist teachers and students work together in a variety of ways to ensure individual student needs are met.

In testament to our commitment to the well-being of our students we have developed a unique Respect Each Other program to develop and embrace a positive and supportive culture throughout the entire College community.

We provide for the personal and academic develop of our students through:

  • Academic extension - Academic Excellence Program
  • Enrichment Program - literacy and numeracy support
  • Student Services Team - highly skilled and qualified
  • Colours and Honours Awards - recognition of achievement
  • Respect Each Other Program - positive and supportive culture
  • VET Coordinator
  • IT Support Centre