Principal's Welcome

Dear JFSC Community,

I am pleased to take up this appointment at John Forrest Secondary College which is on the cusp of major change through the new building program. What a difference this will make to the program delivery here with improved facilities for all students and staff, and the broader community.

I am very impressed with the College environment, a calm tranquil setting with students engaged with their learning whilst being active participants in what the College has to offer. The range of programs is impressive providing all students an opportunity to explore their interests in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

So, what do I believe in. I believe that all students can succeed and achieve their goals given the right social environment and conditions for learning.  My moral purpose for education in a school community is framed around 'Being-Belonging-Becoming'.  I want every student to be able to 'be' the individual they are with their unique qualities and traits. I want to ensure that they have a sense of 'belonging' as a part of the College community and I hope that through their experiences here, they can 'become' an active and successful citizen of the broader community when they leave us.

Finally, last year the College had a very successful review conducted by the Department of Education. It is now time to map out a plan for the next part of the journey for the John Forrest community. This will be my priority during this term, framing the future directions for the next three years. I look forward to engaging with the College and broader community in shaping the next phase of John Forrest's proud history of success.

Kind regards

Dr Karen Read