P & C

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the education of their child.

Our Parents and Citizens Association (P & C) meets on a Tuesday of Week 5 each term, commencing at 6:30pm in the Library and Resource Centre.

All parents are encouraged to attend meetings in order to become familiar with the College and for the benefit of our students.  Membership fees are $1 and enable you to vote.

Please contact P&C Secretary, on secretary@jfscpc.org if you would like more information relating to the P&C.  If you would like to be included in the P&C mailing list, subscribe here – subscribe to P&C mailing list or visit the P&C website here.

Current P & C Committee Members

President Samantha Peet
Vice President Caprice Burrows
Treasurer Nirmal Singh
Secretary Kerry Stewart
CAPS Convener Samantha Peet
Executive Member Liz Perkins
Executive Member Alison Gullick
Executive Member Helen Jackson

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Term 3 - Tuesday 13th August 2024 Term 4 - Tuesday 5th November 2024

Previous Minutes

2022-term-1-meeting-minutes-agm-1-march.pdf 2023-exec-meeting-minutes-9-march.pdf
2022-term-2-meeting-minutes-24-may.pdf 2023-exec-meeting-minutes-13-march.pdf
2022-term-3-meeting-minutes-16-august.pdf 2023-exec-meeting-minutes-18-may.pdf
2022-term-4-meeting-minutes-8-nov.pdf 2023-term-2-meeting-minutes-23-may.pdf
2022-term-4-exec-meeting-minutes-15-nov.pdf 2023-term-3-meeting-minutes-15-august-2023.pdf
2023-term-1-meeting-minutes-agm-28-feb.pdf 2023-term-4-meeting-minutes-7-nov.pdf

Please contact the P&C Secretary on secretary@jfscpc.org if you have any questions.