Shohei Gakuen Visit

John Forrest Secondary College, were delighted to host Shohei Gakuen students early in Term 3. Students participated in a variety of exchange activities around the college. A wonderful cultural highlight for the group was cooking Anzac Biscuits with Ms Martinelli.

Special thanks go to all families who hosted. The students were raving about their homestay experiences including a group birthday BBQ and other weekend adventures. We hope you had just as much fun as they did.

On their last day Shohei students performed a Japanese folk dance in the Upper School Quad to the delight and applause of all students and staff present.

Visit from Sister State School-Shounkan High School

On Friday 1 August 35 Japanese exchange students from Sanda Shounkan High School visited John Forrest for the day. Sanda Shounkan students gave a short presentation on their school and sang their school anthem. Students from John Forrest buddied up with the Sanda students and together they participated in a variety of activities, including describing food while sampling lamingtons, Tim-Tams and meat pies.

Later in the day Sanda students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in two classes with their buddy and a Japanese exchange lesson.
We thank all delegates for their presence and support of the event. Many thanks also to all the John Forrest and Sanda Shounkan students for the friendship and consideration that they shared with each other. That is what the exchange is all about!
Phil Chadwick, Japanese Teacher