Alistair Cummings, Science teacher and Bush Rangers Coordinator at John Forrest SC, has been awarded 'Instructor's Award for Excellence 2017' for his enthusiasm, passion and energy to make Bush Rangers a positive, successful and enjoyable experience for all involved. Alistair's strong leadership and mentoring skills give cadets the opportunity to take responsibility.

Alistair joined Bush Rangers in 2012 as an instructor and took over the coordinator role in 2015. In addition, Alistair was also in the program when he was a student at John Forrest SC in Year 8 and 9.

Over the years Alistair has done a lot with the Bush Rangers.

  • Revegetation projects.
  • Working with local primary schools.
  • Learning about native flora and fauna.
  • Visiting awesome locations for camps (usually 3 a year) and learning about how they are managed and the challenges the areas face, orienteering, survival skills, basic first aid, removing weeds from local bushland (mostly at Lightning Swamp), laser tag, ten pin bowling, archery, drill, games and team building activities, scavenger hunts, identifying animals in photos as part of a Citizen Science project to name a few.

Congratulations Alistair. A very well deserved award and the Bush Ranger cadets agree.

"Mr. Cummings is honestly just an awesome instructor. He and the team have taught us valuable knowledge on first-aid and native wildlife. Congratulations and thanks for rewarding us with camps and activities!" – Ashley

"Mr. Cummings is a very good Bush Rangers instructor because we are always doing fun activities organised by him and others, but he is also concerned about a student's health and always helped them when needed. Thank you Mr. Cummings." – Jorjia

"He is a great instructor in ways more than one. The best time in Bush Rangers was when we did the CPR Annie because he made it fun. He taught us to compress to the beat of stayin' alive. It was so fun!" – Kaitlyn