To kick off the beginning of Law Week, on Monday 4 May 2018, we were granted the amazing opportunity to attend the Francis Burt Law Education Programme and Youth Civics Leadership Day. Surrounded by fellow Year 10 students from various schools located in the Perth area, we enjoyed many fun activities and learnt numerous important skills that we will be sure to utilise in the future.

Thanks to our host Dean, the day was extremely successful and included a variety of information and learning opportunities. Activities such as fencing with pool noodles and completing push-ups may not sound educational, but there were indeed many lessons to be learnt. We were fortunate enough to hear speeches by inspirational individuals such as Priya Cooper, a Paralympic gold medallist, who instilled confidence in us and encouraged us to follow our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

We were also provided with a delicious morning tea and Subway lunch, which we enjoyed while conversing with a small group of young lawyers, who divulged invaluable words of wisdom upon us.

Nearing the end of our day, we travelled the short distance to the Supreme Court to receive our certificates of participation. Our awards were presented by the Chief Justice himself, Wayne Martin, and we were given the opportunity to ask a few questions.

To conclude our experience, we completed a leadership workshop, which we enjoyed thoroughly as a group. There were many laughs and countless new memories and friends that were made, and we will be sure to keep in touch. Overall, we had an abundance of fun, and would like to thank everyone involved in organising our participation.

Vic Grzejszczyk, Head of Learning Area, Humanities and Social Science