Colours and Honours


Colours and Honours recognises student academic, sporting, cultural and citizenship achievers. Teachers nominate students for Colours and Honours. The Aspiration and Endeavour Committee allocates points to students for their achievements and awards Colours or Honours at the end of each semester.  NB: This list is not exhaustive, additional points may be awarded at the discretion of the Committee.  For example, Citizenship All-Rounder colours can be achieved by accumulating a total of nine or more points from any category in a calendar year (e.g. a student could receive five points for Academic, two points for being in the Dance Showcase and two points for being a Peer support Leader to qualify).


Students who achieved seven or more points for Academic, Sporting or Cultural activities and nine points for Citizenship are awarded Colours.  Excess points in any category can be used to achieve Citizenship All-Rounder Colours. Colours or Honours are awarded at assemblies periodically throughout the year.  Honours are awarded only to Year 12 students who achieve a Colour in the same category during Years 7 - 11.


 Students who achieve Colours and Honours are entitled to have these awards embroidered on any John Forrest Secondary College Jumper or top which has a permanent College logo. Take item to the Music office for embroidery. These students will also receive a certificate for their achievement portfolio.





Lower School Report Grades(per semester)
A = 1/2 point
B = 1/4 point
C - E = 0 points

Upper School Report Grades (per semester)
 A = 2/3 point
 B = 1/3 point
 C - E  = 0 points

State representation:

- minimal College involvement            2

- greater College involvement            4


- first performance   2

- additional performance            1

Festival performance            2

RAW Impact Tour     5

Bushrangers              4

Student Guides:

- evening events       2

- day events               1

Completed Certificate (awarded at the end of Year 12 Semester 2):     1/3 point

Completed ATAR Course with D grade or higher:   1/2 point

Certificates of Excellence or Merit:  1/2 point        

Academic Competitions (e.g. Westpac Maths, AME etc):

Participation                  1

Distinction or higher    2

Interschool debating   2

Mock Trials                     2

Dtinction +

 School Rep Teams
(min 3 games)

Tennis                              3
Cricket                              3
Netball                             3
Volleyball                         3
Soccer                              3
Basketball                        3
Football                           3


Carnivals                          1
(Athletics, Swimming,
Cross Country, Lightning)

Intra-School                     1

Inter-School                     3

International Tours         2

Dance Showcase      2

Host Families             2

College Production  Performers                 4

International Tours   2

Arts Showcase           2

Prefects                          4

Umpiring                       1

Peer Support Leaders 2

Ball Committee            2

Ball DVD                         2

Coaching College Team                              2

House Captain             2

House Vice Captain     1

Carnival Helpers           1
(not applicable to Cert II Sports Coaching students)

College Production
Helpers                          2

Canteen or Breakfast Club  Volunteers (per term) 1

Regular participation and attendance at:

After school club (e.g. Engineering)                 2

Lunchtime club
(e.g. Chess)                    1